Two of GLOCKs most forgotten models.


The GLOCK Model 17L and Model 24 are two of their lowest sellers. I think the .45 GAPs even have sold more over the past decade than these two did. They never got the Gen 4 treatment like the Model 34 and Model 35. Heck, the Model 34 got the Gen 5 treatment. Even the .45 GAP Model 37 got a Gen 4 upgrade.

But I sure as hell love mine.

But they sure shoot great.

The Model 17L and Model 24 have stayed in their Gen 3 status for a long while now. They aren't even made in regular numbers. I believe GLOCK simply cranks out a few and sits on 'em since orders are never large and numerous. I remember when I got mine, it took a while with Lou's Police Supply in Hialeah, FL. I ordered both and they're one of the largest Blue Label dealers in the state and it took them a while for the order to be processed.

Anyways, I love mine and I sure ain't ever getting rid of 'em.


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